Next up on the docket is Wrecker, the latest mascot for Guild Ball’s Masons Guild.  I was really excited for this model when it was announced to be available at GenCon 2016.  The idea of a giant armadillo on a 40mm base sounded awesome.  However, when I got the model I was kind of disappointed.  The model can easily fit on a 30mm base, so it feels very undersized.  Also, the shell is very well defined, but the actual body seems lacking (more on this later).  However, as stated before I wanted to get all of my Masons models painted again, and he was next on my list.

I had two goals for this model:

  • Sculpt something to fill in the base
  • Work on glazing to provide some depth on the shell

I was over a friends house when I was painting this model and totally forgot to take progress pictures.  The end result looks like this:


So what went well.  I like the shell.  I didn’t get the effect I wanted completely, but for what happened I think it came out okay.  I used some glazing medium to start glazing, however, after I applied it I looked at the bottle and noticed that it was a glossy finished.  When it dried, everything still looked wet.  I had to end up going back over with wash and highlighting again.  I’m also happy with the metal.  The oily steel is working pretty well, especially when it is mixed with the nuln oil.

Sculpting went okay.  I need to purchase some actual tools though.  I did the sculpting with my fingers, an xacto knife and the back of a paint brush.  Having sculpting tools could have them look more tlike rocks rather than the bags they kind of look like now.

As for things that went bad.  I mentioned the lack of detail on the body.  I started the body using Underbelly Blue and washed it with Nightshade then went back to highlight.  Something wasn’t looking right, so I use Wolf Grey (I think) to brighten things up a bit.  After toying with it for like 2 or 3 layers that were watered down I lost all detail in the face.  At that point, frustrated, I figured it was better not to mess with it and leave it like it is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I’m still happy with the model, I am disappointed that he wasn’t nearly as much fun to paint as I thought he was going to be.

Next up, its back to Warmachine to paint a Retribution warcaster.



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