Lord Tyrant Zaadesh


A friend of mine asked me to paint a recent model that he had picked up.  Unfortunately, I think he asked me to do this about 3 months ago… and I just finished it.  Sorry!

The model that he asked me to paint was Lord Tyrant Zaadesh.  This was an interesting piece because I don’t think I have ever painted a Hordes model at all.  I have been interested in the idea of doing a Skorne piece for a while.  They have all of the neat edge work that Circle Orboros has, but amps it up with this Persian and Samurai feel.  Its an interesting aesthetic.


The paint scheme for the army is Purple and Gold.  I love painting purple.  I can’t say why, but for some reason I always like the way it turns out.   I have done a lot of my Cryx army in this same scheme with some neon green for highlights and it turns out nice.


I’ll talk about the base first, because it is the part that I am happiest with.  The homeland for the Skorne army is the desert.  I wanted to go for something that was like a scorched desert wasteland type of look.  To get this started, I used a Desert Mesa base by Secret Weapon Miniatures.    I simply primed this black and then hit is with a base of 2 parts P3 Khador Red Highlight and 1 part Idrian Flesh.  I washed it with Agrax Earthshade Citadel wash and then built up the highlights from my base by adding drops of Ice Yellow from the Vallejo Model Color line.


As for the model itself I didn’t do anything to crazy for this.  I did my normal basecoats, washed, then drybrushed and highlighted.  I think the whole thing came together nicely all in all.  The gold pops and I like the highlighting on the purple as well.  The purple for the model was done in the same layering.  I used P3 Beaten Purple as the base.  I then washed it with Druchi Violet by Citadel.  The highlights were working from mixtures of Beaten Purple up to Sanguine Highlight and finishing with a Murderous Magenta highlight.  This combo is my go to whenever I do purple.  I like the way the blend together and I think the Sanguine and Magenta give is some cool contrast without it looking like a slapped pink everywhere.  The gold is Citadel Retributor Armor.  I can go on forever how much I love this gold.  It goes on great, it doesn’t streak, and I rarely have to do more than one coat.  I’m normally not that big of a Citadel paint fan, especially the metals, but this is my #1 choice for gold. I use Nuln Oil to wash it and fill in the armor recesses (more on this later).  I came back after this and picked out the highlights using Retributor Armor again and Liberator Gold for extreme highlights.  While this combo always looks good, I think this area is my biggest area of opportunity.


The opportunity here is that the recesses that I filled with Nuln Oil could have actually been done purple and washed for depth.  It seems that this is the way the armor is designed, especially if you look at the concept art.  This was one of those things that I didn’t realize until the model was complete.  Normally I would go back and fix this, but I’ve learned before that putting regular acrylics on top of metals never looks good.  The next time I do a Skorne model with armor like this I might just base the whole model with purple and work myself up.  I used to work like this when I first started painting, but I have moved away because I felt like I was wasting layers and losing definition.  In this situation it might be beneficial.

I’m not sure how often I am going to post here.  I would love to do once every 2 weeks, but I think I am going to shoot for once a month.  There are a list of things that I want to do differently next time.

  • Take before pictures – either primed, or bare.
  • Take more in progress pictures – basing, shading, highlighting, etc.
  • Take more basing pictures as well.
  • Play with the idea of doing posts for different stages rather than one giant brain dump at the end.

I think next on my list is Veteran Harmony.  I’ve had all of my Mason’s painted for a while, but no with the influx of late Season II players, and a Season III player, I need to get back on it.


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